jump ropes
jump ropes

We equip, educate and support people to bemore confident and capable with jump ropes.

If you’ve come to this page, you’re probably wondering who we are, what makes our jump ropes better or different than any others out there, and why you should trust anything we have say about jump rope?

  Fair questions! We’ll try to answer these questions while we explain a little of our background and why we’ve built a business all about jump rope.

  Why Jump Ropes?

  First of all, we are in business to have a lasting, positive impact on society. Otherwise, business would just be … less meaningful, and a lot less fun. Jump ropes are a primary way we empower people to be more confident, joyful and healthy. In case you didn’t know, jumping rope is an incredible way to burn calories and give your brain a boost 。

  In our 20+ years in this business we’ve found gaining a mastery in jump rope helps people feel more confident, gives a boost to their self worth, and makes a big difference in their health and wellness. Also, the jump rope community is an incredibly friendly and supportive place.

  That’s why we work to equip, educate and support people to be more confident and capable with jump ropes.